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Saray Sarayev

Built out of a specially processed wood pulp of different shades and looks as if it has been standing at Nikola-Lenivets for many years now.

Imbedded in the grey walls of the shed are the silhouettes of a cart, a rake, trees, people – everything that was once around the shed and is no longer there. The original name for this object “Shed. Let it be” reflects the essence of the conception, which makes the audience imagine the life of the shed in the past and in the future.

From within the “Saray Sarayev” is quite spacious, with a large amount of storage shelve stands, a sleeping area and a guest area. Nowadays it also functions as the headquarters of the festival and as a museum; it is a place to hold meetings with the guests, theatrical performances and exhibitions.

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Authors: Architectural firm Manipulazione Internazionale, art-group Mississippi

Curator: Anton Kochurkin

The object was created within the framework of the festival Archstoyanie, summer 2011






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