when in nikola-lenivets

We are glad you've come all this way to spend time in Nikola-Lenivets, a unique and wonderful place. Please keep in mind that when you are here, you become part of this place, please respect its rules and customs.

Please treat the artworks and the natural environment with care, most of the territory is in the Ugra National Park which is a nature reserve and contains many endangered species of plants and animals. 

All artworks in the park are for viewing purposes only. Do not climb on them, as this is extremely dangerous for our collection, and your safety!

Please do not light fires or damage the plants and trees in the park.
Please do not graffiti the artworks and trees. 

Please do not exceed the 40 km/h speed limit on main roads and 20km/h in residential areas, and always show consideration to pedestrians and cyclists.

Please do not litter.
Use barbecues only in designated picnic areas.