Nikola-Lenivets welcomes international volunteers all year round. You can help us to organise international art festivales, change the landscape of Nikola-Lenivets, work on our organic Farm and many more. 

In October Nikola-Lenivets welcome volunteers:

- photographers, who will come to Nikola-Lenivets and capture the moments of life around them

- volunteers on our organic Farm, who will find inspiration working with soil away from the city

Nikola-Lenivets is developing project, open to initiative and creativity, and we invite volonteers to become a part of this. We help volunteers to come to Nikola-Lenivets, provide them accomodation and food, and support them. To become a volunteer, please send an application to volonter@nikola-lenivets.com. 

Language of the project - English.

Please note that you may need a visa to visit Russia. 

Contact us:


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