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New Media Night 2014 / How It Was

New Media Night Festival, which celebrates digital culture in the landscape, was held in Nikola-Lenivets  for the third time 4-6 July 2014. Five thousand people got to see and participate in the event.

Photos: Alexander Gorbunov

This year’s New Media Night was the culminations of three years of supporting and creating digital art in the beautiful landscape of Nikola-Lenivets Art Park, through artists residencies, workshops, and the annual New Media Night festival, which has formed cross-cultural links and inspired new media artists in Russia.

Digital art works altered visitors’ perceptions of the night landscape and led them on a journey across several miles of glades, forest and valley, where they met site-specific installations which interacted with the landscape and permanent large-scale art works, which occupy the park.

Mira Calix (UK) performed live at sunset on the pond, from where guests were led by Zachary Lieberman’s (US) interactive Connecting Light installation (previously seen at the Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site) across the Rotunda field and through installations in the forest, then on to the showcase of the night; a visual and audio experience in Universal Mind (2012) by Nikolay Polissky.

New Media Night installations centered around key works in the park including an olfactory-audio-visual installation Aromamedia by Dmitry::vtol::Morozov (RU), at the Rotunda by Alexandr Brodsky (2009); 4s4r (RU) made shockingly absorptive Transformation, at The Ark by Boris Bernaskoni (2012).

The main event of the night took place at the colossal land-art work Universal Mind (2012), by Nikolay Polissky, which is an interactive platform for new technologies in arts. A unique and ground-breaking work by Radugadesign (RU) using pixel mapping was accompanied by sets from Mouse on Mars (DK), Ulrich Snauss (UK), Emptyset (UK) with visuals by Vadim Epstein in[visible] (RU). Kimchi & Chips (UK) presented their installation Light Barrier for the first time in the forest beyond.

Digital Forest Installations by Alexei Shulgin’s graduates from the Rodchenko School, and works by emerging new media artists, winners of the Culture Shift competition (supported by the British Council), could be found in the forest by The Ark and in a glade running down to the Lighthouse (2004) by Nikolay Polissky, which stands on the banks of the river Ugra. This was host to a piece by Stain (RU), entitled Point to Point, which reflected constellations from the night sky directly onto the Lighthouse’s dome in morse-code rythms.

Ivan Polissky,chief curator of the festival says: “It was important for artists to meet with existing parameters in the analogue world which they had to work with, which doesn’t happen that often with digital art. We feel this led to richer, definitely more complex, more powerful pieces. Works produced for the festival are obviously all site-specific and must take into account the landscape in which they stand, the wind, the insects, that people who come across them will be intrigued and want to touch them. Our visitors often feel like they are experiencing them personally, face to face, surrounded only by the night sky.

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New Media Programmes

Nikola-Lenivets art park has been a foremost platform for supporting and creating new media art in Russia for the last three years, through its programmes of digital arts residencies and workshops, with participation from Dmitry ::vtol:: Morozov (RU), Robin Meier (CH), Zachary Lieberman (US), Mira Calix (UK), Alexei Shulgin and the Rodchenko School (RU), building up to the annual New Media Night Festival, which happens around the summer solstice for one night and brings together world famous digital artists and musicians, as well as talented established, and emerging, Russian artists working in the field.

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— 6 July 2014

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