Nikola-Lenivets is located 200 km away from Moscow, in Kaluga region. You can come to our art park by car, by bus or by suburbian train from Moscow. Here you will find not only art objects, but also places to stay, summer restaraunt and canteen, showers and Wi-Fi.

The nearest filling station is in 20 km from the park. 

GPS: N54*46.156' E35*35.299 (reception)

By car from Moscow

Take the Kievskoe highway from Moscow – 155km from the Moscow Ring Road, until the turn to Kaluga.

1 – From the Kievskoe highway turn right towards Miedin – 155km from the Moscow ring road, a traffic police post with a huge sign KALUGA.
2 – In the town Kondrovo turn left towards Seni, Ostrozhnoe. Before the turn you will see a model of a traffic police car.
3 – On the T-junction turn left to a humpback bridge over the railway.
4 – In the village Ostrozhnoe on the big intersection turn left.
5 – A few meters before you reach Zvizhi village, turn right to a dirt road. After the turn go down the steep hill.
6 – You are here!

By bus from Moscow 


1 - Bus departures from Tyoply Stan metro station to Kondrovo town every day at 2.30 and 3.30 PM.

2 - Taxi from Kondrovo to Nikola-Lenivets: +7 (930) 752-10-21 or +7 (484) 344-99-99.

Bus from Kondrovo to Moscow departures at 6.30 AM.

By suburbian train from Moscow 


1 - Take suburbian train from Kiyevsky railway station to stations Obninsk, Maloyaroslavets, Tikhonova Pustyn' or Kaluga-1.

2 - Take taxi to Nikola-Lenivets.